Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Recovery

The process of dual diagnosis treatment recovery at Summit Estate Recovery Center involves dual diagnosis drug rehab and dual diagnosis alcohol rehab.

Residents of Summit Estate often enter treatment with more than just a simple addiction or substance abuse problem. Often, the substance abuse problem goes hand in hand with a mental illness or psychological issues. These cases, referred to as "dual diagnosis", are generally more complex and require a more comprehensive and flexible approach to help treat this problem.

Licensed Therapists Provide Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Rehab For All Complex Needs

Summit Estate Recovery Center is ideally set up to provide effective dual diagnosis services:

  • First of all, our scenic mountain environment is an ideal therapeutic setting. The peace and serenity of the grounds forms a comforting backdrop that helps residents to maintain their calm and gain a better sense of well-being. Calming and soothing the mind is often the first step in stabilizing some of the more prominent psychiatric symptoms.
  • Licensed psychotherapy is a standard part of the Summit Estate program that enables residents to delve more deeply into their issues and devise long-lasting solutions.
  • Staff members and specialists of the center come from diverse backgrounds, and all of them have experience working within a mental health and/or dual diagnosis setting. Our staff members bring a myriad of approaches to their clinical work with residents copying with depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, and other addictive disorders.
  • Summit Estate works closely with our attending psychiatrists to ensure that the client is assessed for mental illness and receives the appropriate clinical treatment. Our psychiatrists are available on-call 24 hours a day.
  • An on-site RN helps to ensure that residents of Summit Estate have their vital signs monitored and that medications are taken as prescribed. Our nurse is able to assess for medication side effects and maintains close communication with the prescribing psychiatrist to make any necessary adjustments.
  • Educational sessions and group therapy sessions often cover topics related to dual diagnosis, including discussions of ways to identify symptoms and discussions of the complex ways that substance abuse can exacerbate mental health problems and complicate the recovery process.
  • The Summit Estate program incorporates flexibility for those residents who need additional space and time to maintain their positive forward progress. As a highly individualized program, Summit Estate believes in meeting the client where they are in terms of their ability and capacity to participate, while striking a balance with the need for firm structure and limit-setting.

The professionals at Summit Estate Recovery Center of Bay Area CA are specialists in dual diagnosis treatment recovery with extensive experience in dual diagnosis alcohol rehab and dual diagnosis drug rehab programs.

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