How It Works

Summit Estate Drug Addiction Assessment Process

Summit Estate Recovery Center in Bay Area CA utilizes a 6 dimensional drug addiction assessment and individual addiction treatment as part of their overall substance abuse treatment plan for their clients.

The recovery process at Summit Estate Recovery Center is designed to take you away from your problems: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Our program is intended to last 60 - 90 days, but we work with you to design a structured, personal program that suits your needs. A 30-day stay, however, is considered the minimum.

How It Works

Step 1: Phone Assessment
The first step in our recovery process happens when you call our main telephone number (408-353-6300). Of course, you can just call to ask some questions or find out more about our program, but if you are serious about entering our program, we will first conduct a brief phone interviewand assessment. The phone assessment will give us and you a better idea if you are a good match for our program and if we are capable of serving your needs effectively. If there is a good match with our services, details are worked out for an intake appointment.

Step 2: Intake and Orientation
The second step happens after you arrive at our program. Summit Estate Recovery Center staff will guide you through the intake process, help you to fill out necessary paperwork, assign you to a room, and orient you to the program.

Step 3: In-Depth 6 Dimensional Assessment
Within a day or two, you will meet with your primary counselor to conduct a more in-depth assessment of your needs, problems, and issues. Every person is an individual, and it is extremely important that we discover how various aspects of your life have been impacted by substance abuse, and conversely how certain stresses may influence your decision to use. We utilize an assessment tool based on a model from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) that examines your current state of withdrawal, your physical problems, your mental health, your motivation for treatment, your relapse potential, and the status of your social issues.

Step 4: Treatment Planning
You and your primary counselor will then use the in-depth assessment to develop a list of treatment goals, objectives, and action plans. The result will be a roadmap for your individualized course of treatment while a resident of Summit Estate Recovery Center. You will be in control, and your treatment plan will be based on what you want to achieve.

Individual Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Plans Tailored To Your Needs

Step 5: The Program
Summit Estate Recovery Center has a structured program featuring a daily schedule that involves group counseling, one on one counseling, personal time, meals, and reflection time. Along with the standard program schedule, Summit Estate Recovery Center features a "menu" of personalized "holistic" healing options. At your discretion, these may include massage, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathy, yoga, or psychotherapy. For a more active experience, the Summit Estate Recovery Center program offers outdoor activities such as trail hiking, pond fishing, fitness club access, and mountain biking. The options are numerous and the choice is all yours.

Step 6: Continuing Care Plan
Long before your last day as a resident, you and your counselor will have mapped out a series of strategies necessary for you to avoid the triggers and stresses that can lead to dependency and to remain clean and sober and to live a positive, productive lifestyle after you leave. It is our hope that you will have not only learned about yourself and enhanced your recovery skills, but also that you gained a new passion for certain healthful, physical activities that will take the place of your previous destructive behaviors. And of course no one can do it all alone, so we make sure that you have an active support network and continuing plans to attend aftercare recovery groups, outpatient treatment, and positive social activities. By the end of your stay, you will know the who, what, when, and where of your on-going plan of sobriety and recovery.

The 6 dimensional drug addiction assessment used by Summit Estate Recovery Center of Bay Area CA is an integral part of our individual addiction treatment and overall substance abuse treatment plan for our clients.

Rapid Detox Treatment and Addiction Intervention Services

You or someone you love may be struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. The journey to rehabilitation is never a smoothly paved road. A recovering addict needs all the support he or she can get.

From the beginning of the rehabilitation program, Summit Estate will provide guidance and encouragement as Rapid Detox Treatment is administered. This is ideal if the addict is aware of the problem.

However, this is not always the case. Some individuals need a stronger dose of reality check. We will help families deal with addicts to deny their problem but still pursue abusive behaviors with intoxicating substances such as drugs and excessive alcohol intake. Summit Estate can facilitate Intervention Services by gathering family members and organizing the actual Intervention session with the addict.

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