Addiction Intervention Services

Summit Estate Recovery Center of Bay Area CA offers its clients wide ranging services including addiction intervention services, drug intervention services, and professional alcohol intervention.

Interventions are a way through which an alcoholic's and/or addict's loved ones, friends, and family can express their concern about drug and alcohol abuse in a constructive, solution-oriented way. Interventions can be an informal as conversation at the dinner table, or as formal as strategic intervention process where family members meet several times for education about the addiction process as a family. Interventions often, but not always, result in the addicted person making a commitment to address their substance use.

Intervention specialists, (interventionists) are trained professionals and they will be willing and able to help find an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that best meets an individual and family's recovery needs. Summit Estate Recovery Center has a list of qualified, compassionate interventionists that are a valuable resource during the treatment process.

The intervention process happens specifically to help the suffering alcoholic or drug addict see that they have a disease that needs to be treated before it destroys them. Many drug addicts and alcoholics never admit their problems and live in complete denial and often blame others, accept no responsibility, or otherwise feel that the problem is "over my head". Confronting the issue is often difficult, which only leads to their problem getting further out of control. Drug abuse and chemical dependency destroys lives every day. In many instances an intervention is the only way the individual suffering will realize the serious and problematic nature of their addiction.

Addiction interventions conducted by a trained, qualified interventionist, generally will involve the addict's family members, loved ones, and friends, who will all play an important part in helping the addict see the need to make the choice to get well. It is very important to remember that the interventionist (and all professionals in the field of drug addiction recovery and treatment) view addiction as a debilitating disease and not a moral failure.

Show Concern & Support For a Loved Ones Struggle With Drug & Alcohol Abuse

The drug intervention specialist is trained to guide the process of helping the drug addict hear what those who care about him or her need to say, while assuring that the drug addict's concerns, fears and doubts are heard and addressed, as well.

When the drug intervention is complete, the ideal outcome will be the immediate placement of the addict in a Residential treatment center or Outpatient program. All specialists are in agreement that it is always best for recovery and treatment for drug addiction to begin immediately. Most interventionists feel it is most effective for the addict to be moved directly from the intervention to the treatment center as the first step following the intervention. Delaying the process of getting better only allows the addict to begin rebuilding his or her walls of denial.

To locate an Interventionist for you or your family, feel free to contact Summit Estate Recovery Center at (408) 353-6300. Let us be part of your solution today.

Clients at Summit Estate Recovery Center of Bay Area CA often require various types of treatments for their addiction and dependency issues. Among the services offered by Summit, clients will find addiction intervention services, drug intervention services, and professional alcohol intervention.

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